Heritage Business Foundaton

Born out of the idea of unlocking a more inviting world for heritage establishments, the Heritage Business Foundation dedicates itself to supporting businesses that pursue cultural and historical trades.


The story of GLOS is inextricably tied to the legacy of their founding company established 30 years ago. Born out of their intent of making quality lighting accessible to all, GLOS began their journey as a purveyor of light, with an innovative spirit that remains prominent in the brand’s every offering today.

The Provisions

Soothing both the stomach and soul, The Provisions is a lifestyle brand that is situated at the convergence of dining, wellness, experiences and retail, dedicated to the most adventurous and discerning of palettes.


Equipped with an incredibly wide variety of lighting options, along with an eye for innovative solutions, creative ideas and aesthetics, Artilux is a brand that caters to the most sophisticated and discerning palettes, targeting an audience with appreciation for quality living and an eye for aesthetics.